FAA License Certification

We have teamed up with United Airlines, the largest employee-owned airlines in the world, in launching a historical aviation training program to international airline carriers and their passengers. This marks the first time that an American public education institution has entered into agreement with businesses both in China and the United States to provide aviation training.


Course Description

This intensive aviation training program addresses a serious shortage of certified FAA mechanics in Asia, especially China. The four-week intensive training program, which will prepare you for the FAA licensing examination, is taught by certified FAA instructors. This course covers the basics of aviation machanics, Airframe topics and Powerplant topics.

Course Objectives

This course is designed specifically for the foreign and US aircraft mechanics who want to obtain a FAA Mechanic License. Here are several requirements:

  • Must meet minimum qualified standards of FAR, part 65
  • Must be 18 years or older with minimum English proficiency level
  • Must have minimum working hours under a certified mechanic set forth by the FAA.