International Education Partnership

United States Education Foundation (USEF) is an international education service organization which cooperates with top institutes of higher education from America, China, and abroad, facilitating the development and operation of joint international programs. Over the years, USEF has established partnerships with America and China’s top schools, community colleges and universities.

Over thousand students from abroad have attended America’s schools, colleges and universities through our international joint programs.  Furthermore, USEF has formed partnerships with overseas universities and educational organizations throughout China, Singapore, Korea, Japan, and beyond. The institute attaches great importance on the regulations regarding international education exchange and cooperation, and provides efficient, objective assistance to students who would like to study abroad.

In 2006, USEF started the International Recruitment Program which recruits overseas students to study in America, and has since brought nearly one thousand international students to schools, colleges and universities in America. Areas of study cover everything from business and language to medicine and engineering. A range of certificated programs has been designed by USEF for vocational training.

Meanwhile, USEF provides language training and foundation courses for students to pursue advanced studies in USA.


Long-term programs:

  • USA-foreign joint program from Associate, Bachelor to Master degree
  • USA-foreign joint school
  • Foreign Students Placement

Short-term programs

  • Education exchange program
  • Summer/winter Education program
  • Teacher training program
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